Friday, 09 November 2018 10:00

Youth Justice Skills Audit

Youth justice practitioners come from a wide range of backgrounds and will have varying levels of knowledge in relation to the work they do. It stands to reason, therefore, that individuals will have different training needs. This skills audit tool has been designed to help youth justice practitioners to reflect on their practice, in particular to identify potential gaps in…
Friday, 09 November 2018 09:41

Youth Justice Skills Matrix

The Youth Justice Skills Matrix has been developed by the Youth Justice Workforce Development Council and identifies the core skills needed when working with young people who offend. This Matrix is designed for the whole of the Youth Justice Workforce and can be used for job descriptions, appraisals, training needs analysis and restructures and is mapped to National Occupational Standards.…
This briefing provides further information on the Youth Justice Foundation Degree.
The youth justice professional framework provides opportunities for all staff working in the youth justice sector to improve their skills. More details can be found on the Unitas website here, along with details of all their courses.
This PowerPoint presentation gives details of the Youth Justice Professional Framework/Degree. The degree is for those working in Youth Justice, those interested in entering the field or working in allied professions.  For up to date information on the YJ Degree, see click here.    
Thursday, 22 September 2016 14:32

Youth Justice Professional Framework

The Unitas Academy provides distance learning courses for people working in the youth justice system or would like to do so, fully embedded within the Youth Justice Professional Framework (YJPF). The film below, which is also available on the Youth Justice Board’s YouTube channel, describes the development of the YJPF, which is also intended to be used to develop a Higher…