Transition Booklet: Time to Move On – Clayfields House Secure Centre (June 2020)

Summary: Children from Clayfields House Secure Centre have created a booklet to support other children when they are preparing to leave the secure estate. 




  • Support children in the transition process to prepare them to move from the secure estate.
  • Encourage children to think about and plan their future.
  • To empower the children to feel confident in asking questions about their new placement.
  • To improve communication with their professional team and feel able to convey any worries or concerns they may have.



Moving on is an exciting but also difficult time for many children. When faced with a new placement and a thousand questions, it can be difficult to know where to start. With this in mind, a group of children from Clayfields House Secure Centre have put together a list of questions they would want to know about their move.

The aim of the booklet is to support other children struggling to know what to ask, answer some questions and to make sure they are as prepared for their move as they can be.

The booklet also includes a section which encourages children to think about their goals moving forward, support systems that are in place as well as reflecting on their time in a secure unit and what they have learnt. They can then keep this booklet for future reference and this information can also be shared with their future placement.



Implementing the practice:

  • The booklet was created in partnership with children at Clayfields House Secure Centre.
  • The booklet is used with children once they are nearing the end of their order at Clayfields House (also used with Welfare children).
  • The booklet is used in a 1:1 basis and worked through together with the youth justice service case manager, social worker and future placement and Clayfields case manager.




Secure Establishment:  Clayfields House Secure Centre
Name: Keisha Williamson
Email: keisha.williamson@nottscc.gov.uk