I-CoN clinically-led outreach trauma service

iCoN stands for "In Control of Now" and looks to give young people control over their futures. It uses a trauma-informed approach to work with those young people who have been assessed as experiencing some form of trauma.


I-CoN is commissioned by the North East London Resettlement Consortia (NELRC) to deliver a clinically-led outreach trauma service. It is aimed at those young people who have experienced some form of trauma, but who fail to meet the thresholds for clinical interventions and or those young people who meet the threshold but refuse to engage with services.


The service is clinically led and matches the young person with a trauma trained coach mentor who supports the young person, on an outreach basis, through their journey with statutory services such as Youth Offending Services, Children’s Services or education providers and others. If a young person is in custody ICoN is able to visit the young person in custody as part of initiating the professional relationship and this work will then continue through the gate and into the community.


iCoN coach mentors bring extensive experience in working with children and young people which is combined with an extensive training programme in adolescence psychological trauma and its’ management. The iCoN coach mentors are there to develop authentic professional relationships with the young person that seeks to lead to a trusting relationship between the young person and the coach mentor over a period of up to fifty-two weeks.


It is the "trusting" element that is central to the iCoN programme in that when the young person feels confident in their coach mentor they can open up more about their real fear, shame and/or sense of injustice, the hallmarks of psychological trauma. The coach mentor is then in a position to guide the young person towards expert psychological trauma specialists.


The psychologist's role is to screen, assess and provide psychological intervention as required by each young person. This intervention work will vary between each young person. All these changes and unique circumstances are discussed and explained to the individual by the iCoN coach mentor to make sure that they remain active in their recovery. On average the iCoN psychologist will work with the young person for four to six months for the young person to begin to open up about and address the traumatic circumstances they may have faced.


Throughout this process, the coach mentor is supporting the young person to engage with statutory and voluntary services. ICoN staff will be part of intervention planning and review meetings and will communicate clearly and regularly with partners to ensure that all are working together for the young person. Throughout the process exit planning and sustainability are key and the coach mentor will engage with other professionals involved in the young person’s life to ensure that this is achievable.


If you would like more information on the above please contact Mpume Mpofu mpume.mpofu@c2cbewell.co.uk