Enhanced Case Management and Child First Principles (September 2020)

Summary:  Attached are two documents from YJB and Stakeholders that look at Enhanced Case Management in relation to Child First principles.
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Attached below are two core documents un relation to enhanced case management and child first principles:

  1. Enhanced Case Management: Implementing the Approach – Attached is the practice guidance, which has been written to assist youth offending teams implementing the Enhanced Case Management approach within their Services.
  2. Why Enhanced Case Management is ‘Child First’ - In September 2018, Youth Justice Board (YJB) Cymru, colleagues from academia, forensic mental health and youth justice practice came together to discuss the Enhanced Case Management approach (ECM). The purpose of the seminar was to demonstrate the ECM process and subject it to academic scrutiny from a ‘child first’ perspective. This paper looks at the issues raised by academic colleagues in the seminar and seeks to answer them while considering what might be learned to assist in how ECM is presented and explained.