Creating a Trauma Informed Environment - Nottinghamshire Youth Justice Service (February 2021)

Summary: Attached is Nottingham YJS methodology of working in a trauma informed way with children through Safety, Trust, Choice, Collaboration and Empowerment.
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  • To assist staff in developing their knowledge and skills in creating a trauma informed environment when working with children and young people.



It has been recognised that a key part of taking a trauma-informed approach is developing relationships through Safety, Trust, Choice, Collaboration and Empowerment. Psychology Informed Education sheets have been created by the Clinical Psychologist working with Nottinghamshire Youth Justice Service focussing on these topics and helping practitioners to take a trauma informed approach.

Attached below are the following PDF’s:
Part 1: Safety - How to create safety within your approach
Part 2: Trust - How to create and maintain trusting relationships
Part 3: Empowerment - supporting children to become empowered
Part 4: Choice - supporting children around making choices
Part 5: Collaboration - working collaboratively with children



Implementing the practice:

  • These short informative sheets have been distributed to staff within Youth Justice and Children’s Social Care over several weeks.




Youth offending team:  Nottinghamshire Youth Justice Service
Name: Nicola Suttenwood
Partner organisation NHS
Name: Samantha Clarke