Relationship Based Practice Guidance: A Trauma and ACE (TrACE) Informed Approach - Cwm Taf Pathfinder (July 2021)

Summary: Guidance on how Cwm Taf youth offending service have implemented a trauma informed approach to working with children at the service.  




Cwm Taf youth offending service was commissioned, through the YJB Pathfinder strand of work to produce a range of resources for YOTs to assist them to develop trauma-informed practice, which works in conjunction with the AssetPlus framework.

Cwm Taf Youth Offending Service have adopted Relationship Based Practice (RBP) for working with children, which is a trauma informed approach. Underpinning the practice is the Trauma Recovery Model (TRM) (Skuse and Matthew, 2015).

The key characteristics of the Relationship Based Practice model are:

  • It offers a tiered level of service depending on the individual’s child’s needs
  • It is underpinned by the Trauma Recovery Model
  • A TrACE (trauma and adverse childhood experiences) informed assessment process
  • A timelining exercise
  • A developmental mapping exercise
  • An assessment of the child’s position on the TRM
  • Consultation from a lead worker or psychologist
  • A TrACE informed lens to multi-agency planning
  • A set of recommendations are agreed sequenced as indicated by the child’s position on the TRM
  • Case progress is regularly reviewed, and recommendations re-visited


Attached is the final guidance which looks at how Cwm Taf youth offending service have implemented a trauma informed way of working with children.



Implementing the practice:

In order for the trauma informed method of working employed by Cwm Taf youth offending service the following elements are necessary:

  • ACEs awareness
  • TrACE practice training
  • Training of key team champions
  • ECM training
  • Adoption of the process – within the YOT
  • Management buy in to work this way


Note: For further information around working in a trauma informed way with children, Cwm taf YOS have also developed the following tools:

Making Assessment Trauma Informed - Cwm Taf Pathfinder (July 2021)
Working with the Trauma Recovery Model - Cwm Taf Pathfinder (August 2021)
Pathway and Planning Assessment - Cwm Taf Pathfinder (August 2021)




Youth justice service:  Cwm Taf Pathfinder 
Name:  Claire Williams