Triage Panel and Liaison and Diversion Service – Barnsley Youth Justice Service (July 2022)


Barnsley Youth Justice Service have shared their liaison and diversion process including assessment tool and associated information to support implementing a triage panel. 


Barnsley Youth Justice Service have shared a practice example, providing detail on implementation, delivery, a case example, lessons learned, practice evaluations and future developments of their triage panel. The triage panel aims to divert children away from formal court or out of court processes.
The triage panel has multi-agency representation; the Liaison and Diversion Service and Barnsley Youth Justice Service have worked together to establish a learning and development needs support assessment and planning tool for children being referred to the youth justice service, which supports and informs the triage panel decision making process.

Barnsley Youth Justice Service have also shared the following related documentation.

  • The Graduated Response: a coordinated approach to meeting emotional health and wellbeing needs – a process concerned with supporting professionals to identify and signpost children to the correct support and provision to meet their emotional and wellbeing needs.
  • Minimum standards document: aims to assist case managers, give information about the specialist areas, the sequence of work and what to expect from the process.
  • Liaison and diversion pathway for under-18 and over-18: these explain the process of referral from liaison and diversion to other services if the child triggers any of the screening and what criteria need to be met for this to happen.


Youth Justice Service:Barnsley Youth Justice Service
Name:Paula Casson