Using an Identity Lens – Nacro (2020)

Summary:Attached is a toolkit created by Nacro to illustrate the struggle of identity in young people


Nacro have developed a toolkit ‘USING AN IDENTITY LENS: Constructive Working With Children in the Criminal Justice System’ to help divert children away from progressing further through the criminal justice system and promote positive outcomes. It is designed to help people to reflect on how each element of work can be aligned to an identity-focused approach, advocated in the National Standards for Youth Justice and the sector- Child First guiding principle.

The document is split into 4 different sections:

  • Section A – Why help children develop their pro-social identity?
  • Section B – How can we help children develop their pro-social identity?
  • Section C – Considerations for working constructively in different community contexts.
  • Section D – Tools to help you work constructively