Various Resources and Guides for Supporting Children Around Sexting and Indecent Images (Updated November 2022)


A collection of guides from NSPCC and Home Office to support children in ensuring they understand the law and impact around sexting and indecent /wp-content/uploads/media.


Below are two resources that can be used with children, aimed at supporting them to understand the law and impact around sexting and indecent /wp-content/uploads/media.

How to talk to children about the risks of sexting is a resource created by NSPCC, which practitioners can use with children to discuss sexting.

Indecent /wp-content/uploads/media of children: guidance for young people is guidance produced by the Home Office for children in relation to indecent /wp-content/uploads/media of children.

Practitioners may also find of interest the child sexual exploitation: advice for staff pocket guide, published by NHS England which provides practical information to staff to safeguard children and young people. Areas included cover:

  • What is child sexual exploitation? –  including signs and indicators
  • Where children and young people are likely to be targeted
  • Information sharing
  • What to do if you are concerned about a child or young person