“Young People Speak on Reparation Activities” Video – Barnet Youth Justice Service (October 2021)


A video co-created with children at Barnet Youth Justice Service that describes reparation and the impact of the activities. 


  • Support children to engage in reparation activities


Barnet Youth Justice Service have co-created with children a short video around what reparation means and the type of activities that they may undertake at Barnet Youth Justice Service.
It showcases some of the thoughts that children may have about reparation activities and the positive aspects of engaging in those activities.
Barnet Youth Justice Service have also co-produced a video describing what the YJS is which is used with the children.

Implementing the practice

All children are given access to the video during their 1:1 session so that they have a better understanding of what reparation is. This supports engagement.