Volunteer Task Description Template – Youth Justice Board (2007)

Summary: Attached is the YJB template pro-forma to help Youth Justice Services consider the specific tasks they want volunteers to undertake.


  • Ensure volunteers have a clear expectation of what they are contributing to.
  • Support volunteer coordinator to have a clear framework to support volunteer recruitment.

The YJB recommends the template be filled with the following information:

  • Description of the project the volunteer will be working on
  • Title of the role
  • Purpose of the role
  • Contribution of time required, and how often
  • Location of the role
  • Tasks the volunteer will be required to carry out
  • Skills, experience, knowledge and attributes needed
  • Training provided
  • Point of contact/support

It may be relevant to also make a note, for internal use, of the practical considerations the role holds for the YOT or secure establishment, such as:

  • Is equipment needed?
  • When will it be available?
  • When will the project be ready for the volunteer?
  • is the induction programme ready?
  • When will supervision be available?