West Mercia Youth Justice Service Volunteering Opportunity

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David Williams






West Mercia Youth Justice Service


Details of the roles:

Mentoring;Mentoring for the YJS is a voluntary 1:1 relationship between a young person and a supportive adult whom the young person can rely on. It is more than befriending, as it may also involve coaching, encouragement, explaining, listening and guiding the young person to support them to achieve positive goals.

Referral Order Panel Members;As a Referral Order Panel member you will have a key part to play in developing this approach to tackling crime.These panels are special because they involve working with young offenders, their parents and victims. Panel members will talk and listen to these key people and agree with the young offender a plan of action designed to put right the harm already done and prevent future offending.


Details of the application process:

Contact Dave Williams, Volunteer Development Officer for an information pack and then an interveiw.


Any training requirements:

Training is delivered in house and is accreditated by the Open College Network.


Details of training where required:

The training is over 8 x 2 hours,sessions in the evenings,  total of 16  hours.  We discuss this with the volunteers at interview taking a consensus and our next lot of training may be on Saturdays which will be 4 x 4 hours. If its in the evening it will be on Tuesday evenings or Thursday evenings. 


Start and End date:


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