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Your perspectives on volunteering

In this section we would like you to share your experiences of what it is like to volunteer in a specific role in youth justice, how you got there and how you feel about it.


Also if you used to volunteer in youth justice and now work in a YOT or Establishment we would love to hear from you. You can do this by sending us the following information through the ‘Contact Us section of the site.

  • Your name
  • Your profession and age
  • The volunteer title you are writing about
  • The area of the country you are working in


Along with a few lines about:

  • Why you decided to volunteer
  • The volunteer activity undertaken
  • A time that you are really proud of or a good news story

Also we would love a picture of you either in their role or simply of your face

Giulia Romiti, Age 33 Senior Effective Practice and Evidence Advisor at the Youth Justice Board Community Panel Member London   I started volunteering in 2004 as a Community Panel Member, which meant that I supported young people, their parents and victims of crime to complete a Referral Order panel, with the support of another volunteer CPM and the YOS officer.…
Imma Esposito, Age 27 Volunteer Panel member Gravesend, South East England   I decided to volunteer on panels as I felt that helping young offenders at this crucial time; could help reduce future re-offending, even offending into adulthood. Helping young offenders move past their offences and looking forward to a positive future. I have co-chaired a handful of panels so…
Jane Allcock, Age 61   Youth Justice Panel member   Kent, South East England   I felt that my experience in schools of dealing with teenagers and families would be useful to the panels. I wanted to do something in my life but not necessarily paid employment, as I need to be reasonably flexible as since my early retirement I…
Liz Montague, Age 79   Volunteer Panel member   Kent, South East England        During twenty plus years as a Samaritan I worked in HMP Belmarsh and frequently thought how different inmates’ lives could have been if they had been helped and guided in their teens. After I left Samaritans I was looking for fresh voluntary work and got…