Giulia Romiti, Senior Effective Practice and Evidence Advisor at the Youth Justice Board

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Giulia Romiti, Age 33

Senior Effective Practice and Evidence Advisor at the Youth Justice Board

Community Panel Member



I started volunteering in 2004 as a Community Panel Member, which meant that I supported young people, their parents and victims of crime to complete a Referral Order panel, with the support of another volunteer CPM and the YOS officer.


I remember that on one occasion we had a young person that did not want to discuss the offence at the panel, we tried everything, from ‘good cop-bad cop’ to pleading but she refused to answer our questions. Eventually we stopped the meeting formally and myself and the other CPM talked with the young person at lengths around the process and the victim. I think when we started to talk about the victim, something changed for her and she started to really engage, so we carried on ‘informally’ and she answered all our questions and we were able to support her with creating a Referral Order contract.


I originally became aware of the opportunity through doing an internet research around the type of employment opportunities within the youth justice, which is where I wanted to work. I completed the training and started volunteering and did so until 2007 when I applied for a job with the youth offending service I was volunteering in as a Referral Order Liaison Officer. Within my role I was able to train and support further volunteers, which is something I really enjoyed. Over the years I had various positions within the YOS and eventually left in 2015 after becoming a senior practitioner. I then joined the Youth Justice Board in my current position of Senior Effective Practice and Evidence Advisor. Through volunteering I have met lifelong friends and it really gave me an opportunity to achieve my dreams of working with young people and now to impact even more young people through strategic role.

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