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Imma Esposito - Volunteering full-time with Young Addaction

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Imma Esposito, Age 27

Volunteer Panel member

Gravesend, South East England


I decided to volunteer on panels as I felt that helping young offenders at this crucial time; could help reduce future re-offending, even offending into adulthood. Helping young offenders move past their offences and looking forward to a positive future. I have co-chaired a handful of panels so far, and have been able to be a part of positive panels.


Being able to facilitate panel meetings with the team, young offender and hopefully their support system whether they are family, carers and/or friends, have in my opinion been beneficial for the progression and outcome of the panels and young person’s future.


There is not the only time that I felt proud, in fact I feel proud to be part of an organisation which go out of their way to help young offenders. In reducing the likelihood of future recidivism, seeking to work not just the young person’s offending behaviours but by looking at the young person holistically with the aim of supporting the young person toward a positive future.

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