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Liz Montague, Retired

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Liz Montague, Age 79


Volunteer Panel member


Kent, South East England


     During twenty plus years as a Samaritan I worked in HMP Belmarsh and frequently thought how different inmates’ lives could have been if they had been helped and guided in their teens. After I left Samaritans I was looking for fresh voluntary work and got talking to a friend who works for Kent County Council in this field, and was delighted to become involved.


     I work with other panel members meeting with a young offender and parent/a suitable adult to discuss implementation of their referral order, with, whenever possible, a strong bias towards restorative justice.


    One particularly tricky panel where the young person – ‘difficult’, we had been warned - did not feel she should be there and did not want to be there – nor did the accompanying parent. With tact, patience and some humour we managed to end the meeting with the young person being pleasant, laughing with us and agreeing to comply with the order.

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