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Jane Allcock, Retired Assistant Headteacher

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Jane Allcock, Age 61


Youth Justice Panel member


Kent, South East England


I felt that my experience in schools of dealing with teenagers and families would be useful to the panels. I wanted to do something in my life but not necessarily paid employment, as I need to be reasonably flexible as since my early retirement I have been caring more for my parents who are now both suffering from Alzheimer's.


 I attend a panel with another volunteer. The aim is to ensure that a young person with a referral order makes reparation in some way, agrees a contract but most importantly learns from the mistake of being involved in criminality and avoids it in the future. We are supported by youth justice workers in our decision making.


I felt very proud when I was able to help a young person start to communicate when previously he had refused to do so with " officials" . At the same meeting his mother opened up about her life which gave the youth justice worker information to enable him/ her to start to engage the wider family. I really felt I made a difference to that young person.

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