Recruitment and Selection of Staff and Volunteers by Children - Norfolk Youth Offending (2017)

Summary: Norfolk Youth Offending have shared the templates and methodology they use to support children to participate in the recruitment of staff and volunteers. 



Norfolk youth offending team have since 2015 involved children in the recruitment of new staff and volunteers. This supports and allows children to participate in directly influencing the service. In general between two and three children on the panel.  Norfolk youth offending team have shared the following documents:



Implementing the Practice:

  • Staff that support the children on the interview panel are required to complete recruitment and selection e-learning.
  • Children are supported to completed; one-day interviewing skills for interviewers workshop, and involving children in recruitment and selection training (which are offered by Norfolk County Council).
  • Children involved in the panel attend a preparation session, where they consider and go through the job description and think about the qualities, they believe the ‘perfect’ candidate should have.
  • During the preparation session, the children work together to come up with a set of questions that they feel will help them get to know the candidates.
  • Following the interview panel process, children are provided with feedback about the successful/unsuccessful candidates and how their feedback influenced the decision.




Youth justice service: Norfolk Youth Offending Team
Name: Miranda Webb