From Boys to Men: Precluding the Proclivity to Perpetrate (DATE)

Summary: Research into how young men become victims or prepetrators of domestic abuse.



The From Boys to Men Project was funded by the ESRC to explore why some boys become domestic abuse perpetrators when others do not. In so doing, it sought to establish what more could be done to reduce the number of young men who become perpetrators. The study involved three phases of data collection:

Phase 1 - a survey of 1203 school children aged 13-14;

Phase 2 - focus groups with 69 young people aged 13-19; and

Phase 3 - life history interviews with 30 young men, aged 16-21, who had experienced domestic abuse as victims, perpetrators or witnesses.

It also included a studentship linked to the project which addressed female perpetrators and male victims.

The project produced a set of key findings about what motivates young men to commit acts of domestic abuse, together with a set of policy recommendations