Social Media Briefings (2016)

Social Media Briefings (2016)
Summary: A series of three briefings on social media by Youth Justice Board.



The Youth Justice Board has produced a series of three briefings on social media, in response to requests from practitioners for more information in this area.

  • The first, entitled The use of the internet and social media by young people provides background and context, focussing on what young people use the internet and social media for, along with risks and opportunities.
  • The second, Internet and social media guidance for professionals working with young people provides examples of how professionals have used the internet, social media and mobile technology to work with and support young people.
  • The third and final briefing is a Directory of online resources for youth justice professionals and young people. It features a list of resources found when researching the briefings, which it is hoped youth justice professionals might find interesting or useful.

The briefings are intended to be a way of providing knowledge to youth justice professionals on sector priorities, as opposed to an exhaustive review of research literature or work being undertaken.