Prevention Briefing (2017)

Prevention Briefing (2017)
Summary: This briefing summarises evidence around what prevents youth crime and includes practise examples.



The Prevention briefing attached, looks at what the research evidence tell us about working with children at risk of offending. This is work carried out with children on the cusp of offending, or who have committed a low-level offence and been diverted from the formal justice system. Prevention aims to keep children away from crime and out of the criminal justice system. The briefing includes a series practice examples which explore different ways youth offending teams (YOTs) are approaching prevention in England and Wales. The examples are based on interviews with YOTs following up a recent survey about prevention activity. A summary of the survey responses is available on the Resource Hub alongside this briefing.

That summary of responses to the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and Youth Justice Board of England and Wales (YJB) Survey on Youth Justice Prevention of Offending (November 2017) is a document that captures the responses (between 13th July and 11th August 2017) of YOTs in England and Wales to an online survey by the MoJ and the YJB. The survey was created in order to understand how prevention was being delivered within youth offending services. 68% of YOTs across England and Wales responded, providing a useful insight into the range of approaches being used and the challenges that services faced. This report provides a detailed summary of the findings and is designed to support the sector in their engagement in this area.


Please note that the EP Briefing has undergone an amendment (20.11.2017).  

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