Workforce Development – Examples from youth justice services based on HM Inspectorate of Prisons Criteria (February 2021)


Sheffield, East Riding, Southwark, Trafford and Kingston and Richmond youth justice services have shared examples and descriptions of workforce development practice.  


To help identify good workforce development practice, HM Inspectorate of Prisons have identified five youth justice services (Sheffield, East Riding, Southwark, Trafford and Kingston and Richmond YJS) which they consider to have positive cultures in workforce development.

Attached below is the criteria for assessing quality workforce development practice, as described by HMIP and an overview of the YJS – approaches with some examples of their practice.  We have also included the criteria for assessing quality Workforce Development practice (HMIP) below in the attachment section.

Attached below are some examples and descriptions of each service. 

East Riding

Kingston and Richmond





Youth justice service:East Riding of Yorkshire Youth Offending Service
Name: Leigh Reveley
Youth justice service:Kingston and Richmond Youth Offending Service
Name:Michael O’Connor
Youth justice service:Sheffield Youth Justice Service
Name:Andy Stirling
Youth justice service:Southwark Youth Offending Service
Name:Andrew Hillas
Youth justice service:Trafford Youth Offending Service
Name:Andy Zilkha