Braking Bad: Where’s the Harm in Drug Debt? (July 2016)

 Summary: It is a tool for professionals involved in the Youth Justice System working with children to explore some of the risks around drug supply, exploitation and related vulnerabilities.
Age:  14-19
Sex:  n/a
Cost:  None



Intended Outcomes:

  • To engage children in looking at some of the risks around drug debt and supply.
  • To raise awareness and highlight risks inherent in drug debt and supply for children.




A group of children from Oxfordshire Youth Justice Service created the website to support other children to increase their knowledge and understanding around drug dealing and exploitation. The website can be used by practitioners to support 1:1 or group work with children who are involved in drug supply or at risk of becoming involved:




What Makes it Work?

  • Support practitioners to engage with children through a multi-media and interactive approach
  • Empowering - this educational tool is produced with children and for children
  • Free to access



Implementing the Practice:

  • Click on the ‘TIPS’ (lightbulb) button at the top, right of the home screen.  Some suggestions for working with the website are included in this section.  For example, the ‘Verity’ character illustrates risk of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and ‘Mad S’ illustrates risk of drug debt and offending behaviour
  • Practitioners should take the time to familiarise themselves with the website and the content before running sessions with children
  • Can support sessions on a 1:1 basis or with a group or classroom based 
  • Can be flexible depending on content and which characters are discussed 
  • Use the website to raise awareness and start conversations on difficult subject matters for example, risk of becoming involved in drug supply and risk from exploitation, grooming and other forms of abuse.  




YOT: Oxfordshire Youth Justice Service
Name:  Tim Parkhouse
Telephone: 07748 180209