Compliance Panels - Sunderland YOS

Summary: Sunderland YOS run a 'compliance panel', which is a panel that consider non-compliance and whether breach should be actioned or 'stayed'.
Age: 10-17 years
Sex: n/a
Cost: n/a




  • Support young people to continue to engage with their Order/s
  • Decrease numbers of young people being returned back to Court
  • Reduce the amount of time spent processing breaches with 'order to continue' proposals as these could be 'stayed' at the Breach Panel, thereby freeing up front line staff to deliver face to face work with service users]
  • Opportunity for YOS to ensure that all efforts are being made to support young people's compliance and promote flexible ways of engaging young people.




Sunderland YOS introduced Compliance Panels in response to the high rate of breach/enforcement in relation to YRO and custody cases. The panel consider the non-compliance and whether breach should be actioned or 'stayed'. Young people, carers, case managers and other relevant professionals attend these panels, which are held weekly at the YOS.

A positive by-product of the compliance panels is that it can support staff to focus on the 'persistent non-compliance' cases through progressing breaches to court where breach proposals require amendments to YRO/re-sentencing as well as focusing on preventing custody through targeting breach prevention on ISS/custody cases.

In addition to this, they provide a forum for young people and their carers to give direct feedback to the YOS management about the quality of service provided and any suggestions for improving service delivery, thereby contributing to Sunderland council's Participation agenda.

Sunderland YOS is looking to evaluate the effectiveness of compliance panels through data collection around the use of breach.



Implementing the Practice:

  • Sunderland YOS runs weekly slots where management is available to support the panel
  • Panels consist of YOS team manager and RJ coordinator, as well as case manager?
  • All decisions are recorded on Compliance Panel pro-forma and input onto case management systems by Business Support Officer in order to evidence management oversight of any approval not to breach
  • During the panel, the assessment and engagement of the young person is reviewed and an action plan is developed (in line with risk, vulnerability, progress, history of non-compliance etc.) and a panel date is set for the review of the action plan




YOT: Sunderland Youth Offending Service
Name: Jenifer Dickinson
Telephone: 0191 561 4000