Breach Re-Engagement Materials - Darlington Youth Offending Service

Age: 10-17
Sex: n/a
Cost: none




  • Support young people to see the benefits of completing their Order
  • Ensure the young person fully understands the requirement/s of their Order
  • Support young people to identify some of the barriers to compliance and agree appropriate strategies to overcome these with their case manager




The programme may be delivered either in a group for two sessions, lasting up to 1.5 hours or on a 1:1 basis with young people who are at risk or are in breach of their Order, in four, 30 minute sessions.  Each young person is provided with a copy of the ‘1-1 Pack’ (attached below).  The facilitator running the session may print several resources such as the ‘Icebreaker’, ‘Timetable’ and ‘Know your order’ exercises that should be completed with the young people. 


Training is not required for the delivery of this pack; however, it should be delivered in line with the course manual. The facilitator needs experience in motivational skills in order to meet the objectives of the course.



What Makes it Work:

  • Increases communication and identification of barriers, following from the identification case managers should be able to support that young person in overcoming the barriers to compliance
  • The first icebreaker is a great way of delivering key messages about compliance in a way that grabs the attention of the young person
  • The pack explores compliances issues on the whole and then makes it specific to the young person



Implementing the Practice:

  • The pack should be used in conjunction with other compliance measures, for example non-compliance panels
  • Although set up as a group work manual, the course has found more frequent use on a 1-1 basis, the first session can be delivered to a group but there are several exercises which are more useful when delivered individually
  • Practitioners should challenge young people’s barriers as well as support and ensure that young person is able to identify their responsibilities
  • Ensure that any solutions to compliance problems are appropriate and realistic




YOT: Darlington Youth Offending Service
Name: Michael Barr
Telephone: 01325 406407 (Ext: 6407)