Respect Young People’s Programme (Addressing Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse)

Age: 10-18
Sex: n/a
Cost: yes



Intended Outcomes:

  • Reduce verbal aggression and violence in close relationships
  • Increase educational attendance and attainment (there is evidence that one of the most frequent areas of conflict between parents and young people is school attendance)
  • Promote emotional well-being (coping with anxiety, anger, depression, emotional self-regulation etc)
  • Improve relationships with others (especially parents and siblings)
  • Improve family communication and relationships
  • Build parenting confidence, capacity and skills
  • Increase the young person’s insight to their own behaviour.



Respect Young People’s Programme (Addressing Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse) is a programme aimed at young people that exhibit aggressive or abusive behaviour towards their parents/carers to support those young people to reduce the behaviour as well as support the parents/carers with making positive changes. The programme is run with young people as well as with the parents/carers.

The sessions are run on a weekly basis for 18 weeks (9 sessions with the young person, 7 sessions with the parents and 2 sessions with the family together), with the sessions lasting up to an hour.

The programme has been designed as a multi-modal programme (which combines a range of theoretical models with a primary cognitive behavioural approach) alongside interventions aimed at influencing criminogenic features of the young person’s immediate environment (primarily parenting, family life and school)
Prior to the group work sessions starting, Respect offer two pre-work sessions, in order to support engagement and buy in to the programme by the young people and their parents. Purpose is also to complete a full risk assessment and ensure programme suitability.

This is a dual programme where young people and parents are supported to take responsibility for own behaviours.

The sessions cover the following topics:

  • Insight into violence/abuse and its effects
  • Emotional regulation & awareness
  • Restorative dialogue between young person and parent/carer
  • Solution focused work / goal setting
  • Cognitive behavioural work
  • Empathy building
  • Conflict resolution

The programme is in the process of being evaluated by the Social Research Unit in relation to outcomes and a process/outcome evaluation is being completed internally by Respect.



Implementing the Practice:

  • All young people that have exhibited violence or abuse towards a parent/carer are eligible to attend. This includes young people that have come to the attention of the Police or their behaviour has raised concerns at education establishment
  • Practitioners are required to complete a minimum of 4 days training, run by Respect, in order to be able to successfully run the training programme for young people and their parents
  • Stockport YOS run four RYPP group work programmes per year as well as 1:1 programmes and have 6 trained staff members that run these sessions (soon to increase to 24)
  • The group can have up to 8 young people and parents and it requires 5 members of staff to be available to run the group
  • Respect also provide practice supervision and mentoring support with the practitioners for the first year to 18 months of the delivery to support the Service to embed the practice and as part of the license requirement.
  • Stockport YOS were initially funded through Respect under the Lottery Realising Ambition programme. This programme is now being delivered within existing resources.



YOT: Stockport Youth Offending Service
Name: Sarah Kelly
Telephone: 01614744788
Source Organisation: Respect
Name: Neil Blacklock