Break 4 Change (March 2018)


Summary: Break 4 Change aims to reduce the level of violence and abuse by children against their parents/carer.
Age:  10-17
Sex:  n/a
Cost:  no



  • Reducing parental stress and anxiety, guilt and shame
  • Rebuilding family relationships - both parent to child and child to siblings
  • Improving family functionality by helping to build responsibility in children and parents




Break 4 Change is a programme for children who are abusive or violent to their parents or carers. The programme uses Theoretical influences of Non Violent Resistance (NVR), Cycle of Change, domestic violence power and abuse dynamics, Solution Focus Intervention, as well as knowledge of parenting interventions.

Break 4 Change is run in partnership between Youth Offending Team (YOT), Targeted Youth Support (TYS), Youth Crime Prevention workers, and RISE domestic abuse specialists and the Integrated Team for Families (ITF)

Working with the families of children it is designed to address the problems of Child/Adolescent to parent violence and abuse. It recognises the risks to the safety and well-being of children , their parents and their families. It seeks to reduce the abusive behaviour of children and help to re-build family relationships.

Support is offered on a half day basis regarding Child Parent abuse.

Implementing the practice:

Having a Youth Offending Service (YOS) offier who facilitates on Break 4 Change and the group running from here has the advantage of :

  • Being acessible to YOS colleagues, specialist workers and various teams based with us
  • Able to respond and advise on appropriate referrals to the Break 4 Change programme
  • Share information on upcoming Break 4 Change programmes and regularly promote and give feedback on the work we deliver on Break 4 Change



YOT/Other Organisation: Brighton & Hove Youth Offending Service/RISE
Name: Jane Griffiths
Telephone: 01273 691 031/0741 349 262