Y2A Programme (July 2016)

Summary: This programme is designed to support children known to youth justice services and are approaching or undergoing transition to adulthood.
Age: 17 and 3 months +
Sex: n/a
Cost: none




  • The programme aims to prepare children for the transition to adulthood by providing a space where they may consider and ask questions, as well as identifying what support they might need and who can provide it.
  • The programme can also be used with children who are transitioning from YOT to Probation services via an additional session.



Transition to adulthood can cause anxieties and fears in some young people, and the programme has been designed with that specific period in young people’s lives in mind. The purpose of the programme is to support young people through that transition by asking them to think about the changes that take place, and how they might want to be supported through them.

The programme also explores other transitions which might take place during this time (e.g. for Looked After Children) and includes an additional session for those transferring to Probation services.

The programme is designed to be delivered once per week, for 5 weeks, by the allocated Case Manager. It is important that all sessions are delivered by the same person, as each builds from the last and will provide an overview assessment/plan. Other professionals (e.g. Social Worker) can be involved as appropriate to the young person’s individual circumstances.

  1. The programme covers five core sessions:
  2. Being 18
  3. Criminal Justice
  4. Support and Services
  5. Risk and Protective Factors
  6. Transition Planning (ideally, with parents/carers/social worker etc.)

An additional session, Transfer Planning, should be completed with young people eligible for transfer to Probation Services, to support decisions made regarding transition and transfer.



Implementing the Practice:

  • At the Isle of Wight YOT, training for staff on youth to adult transitions is available via the Hampshire County Council Workforce Development Team and local links have been developed to offer shadowing opportunities between YOT and Probation services.
  • All young people aged 17 years of age and 6 months (or 17 years old and 3 months if Looked After) subject to Court-ordered interventions are offered the opportunity to complete the programme via effective supervision planning.
  • Those subject to out of court disposals can also be offered the opportunity to complete as part of the overall programme plan, if sequenced appropriately with other required work (due to shorter timescales involved).
  • The programme is designed to be delivered on a 1:1 basis, but can include input from parents/carers and relevant professionals as determined by the needs of the young person (on a case by case basis).
  • Where the young person is likely to experience a number of transitions due to attaining the age of 18 (i.e. change of ETE, accommodation, care status and criminal justice agencies) consideration is given to when it would be most effective to deliver the programme and who should be involved (again on a case by case basis).
  • Where a young person transfers from YOT to Probation services, a copy of the completed programme is provided to Probation for reference and reflection.



YOT: Isle of Wight Youth Offending Team
Name: Lisa Morgan
Telephone: 01983 823011
Email: lisa.morgan@iow.gov.uk