Case Management and Diversity Panel - Leicester YOS

Age: 10-17
Sex: n/a
Cost: none




  • The Panel is designed to support the management and reduction of risk through the delivery of targeted intervention planning
  • The panel is designed to promote multi-agency information sharing and decision
  • The panel is designed to provide an additional level of management oversight.
  • The panel is designed to ensure all areas of diversity are reflected within the planning and delivery of interventions




The Case Management and Diversity Panel has been set up to ensure that management and reduction of risk by and to young people is monitored through targeted intervention planning, with a multi-agency approach.

The young people that are presented at the panel are all DYO cases and MAPPA cases, young people that have been assessed as posing a high or very high risk to others or self, custody cases as well as young people identified by the Police as exhibiting escalating or concerning behaviour as well as caretaking/transfer case.

The emphasis of the Panel is for the core members to identify appropriate referrals to their own specialist services and identify actions to address all risk domains.
Key diversity issues, are also identified and discussed. All cases are reviewed by the panel and tracked in supervision by the relevant team manager.

The panel, can be resource intensive due to mandatory attendance of all specialist staff, DYO, case managers etc. and is also chaired by service manager.




YOT: Leicester Youth Offending Service
Name: Karen Manville
Telephone: 0116 4544600