Impact Resources Packs

Age: 14-21


Cost: yes (around £500)



Intended outcomes:

  • Gaining the skills to avoid re-offending
  • Gaining an accurate insight into offending from the reflections of prisoners
  • Improving confidence and resilience
  • Increase motivation and aspirations in young people



Impact Resources Packs are a set of resource packs with a range of worksheets and exercises (including DVDs) covering a wide range of topics such as thinking and behaviour, attitudes to offending, peer pressure etc. in partnership with prisoners, ex-offenders and victims, they utilise real world experience and are designed to be engaging, credible and valid. Manuals consist of a hard copy reference folder, DVDs, CD-Roms and optional secure USBs. The packs range enough to incorporate different learning styles as presented by young people.



Implementing the practice:

  • You will need funding in order to purchase the product
  • Ensure that all staff have already some skills around delivering group work and 1:1 sessions though the programmes are designed to be easy to deliver and engaging
  • Impact Resources provide on-going support and will coach staff and provide advice and guidance
  • Lambeth have made master copies and worksheets are copied in advance of sessions
  • Lambeth create intervention packs for individual young people
  • Lambeth run the sessions both as a group and as 1:1 sessions




YOT: Lambeth Youth Offending Service
Name: Mike Montrose-Francis
Telephone: 0207 926 2644
Source Organisation: Impact Resource –