Parenting Assessment - Southwark Specialist Family Focus Team

Age: 8-18
Sex: n/a
Cost: none




  • To inform the level and type of intervention that can be offered to parents/carers.
  • To assess the parent/carer to ascertain their experiences of being parented as a child/adolescent and how this; along with their culture and current experiences as an adult impacts, on their parenting.




This is a comprehensive parenting assessment tool which is useful to determine the level of support required for parents/carers when they have been referred to the Specialist Family Focus Parenting Team.

This assessment tool informs the Service Delivery Plan which is agreed in partnership with the parent/carer, (sometimes also with partner agencies) and can be used with an individual parent or a whole family.

It can also be used with a Statutory Parenting Order or with a Voluntary Intervention to support the enhancement of parenting skills.

The assessment can also be used by Youth Offending Service (YOS), Family Intervention Project (FIP) or Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) parent/families practitioners.

All of our assessments are written up in report format. Attached below you will guidance on report writing when completing assessments as well as the report template.




Organisation: Southwark Specialist Family Focus Team
Name: Vivian Blake