Bail pack - Darlington YOS

Age: 10-17
Sex: n/a
Cost: none




  • Meaningful supervision sessions whilst the young person is on bail
  • Prepare the young person for the type of work that could be completed on an order
  • Give the young person an understanding of criminal justice processes and settings
  • An opportunity to gain information to assist with future assessments should the young person receive a community order



The Pack is used with young people who are on bail, and therefore at a pre-sentencing stage, where young people may have lots of questions and doubts. The pack will support practitioners to engage young people and support them to successfully complete their bail conditions. The Pack should also support young people to increase their knowledge around bail as well as court orders in general.

The nature of the exercises gains assessment style information without the feel of a structured interview process. However, the pack also ensures that practitioners do not explore topics that would be potentially inappropriate to cover due to the Court status of bail young people.

The pack starts some of the work that could potentially be completed on an order around increasing knowledge and awareness, in order to decrease likelihood of further offending



Implementing the practice:

  • Ensure that all practitioners delivering the Pack have knowledge of the information and sessions
  • Practitioners should have knowledge of motivational interviewing skills, in particular a non-judgemental and non-didactic approach.
  • The pack can and should be edited when there are changes to legislation
  • Other additional content can be added to the ‘further work’ section or to the pack as a whole if it fits with the exploratory or criminal justice awareness theme.




YOT: Darlington Youth Offending Service
Name: Michael Barr
Telephone: 01325 406407 (Ext: 6407)