Breaking the Cycle: Young Fathers Programme - Leicester City YOT

Age: 10-17
Sex: male
Cost: none




  • Provide practitioners an insight into some of the challenges faced by young fathers
  • Support services to look at some of their own ways of working to ensure that they are inclusive to young fathers


The primary focus for this piece of work has been to challenge organisational cultures and working practices when working with fathers. Thinking beyond the traditional prescriptive parenting programme, the case studies demonstrate how the Think Family inclusive approach could hold the key for future work with fathers.
Break the Cycle has also provided Parenting Programmes for Dads in a safe, supportive environment. The workers are aware and sensitive to the challenges faced by dads and able to constructively challenge mainstream provision when it is not meeting the needs of the father.




 YOT:  Leicester City Youth Offending Team
 Name:  Heather Mair