Football Programme: Kick Smart - Suffolk YOS

Age: 10-17
Sex: n/a
Cost: none




  • The overall aim of Kick Smart is to encourage and engage young people in constructive leisure, in this instance football



Kick Smart is a rolling football programme delivered via weekly one-hour evening sessions (5pm-6pm).
Young people are not required to attend each week (unless it's a Programme Requirement as part of a Court Order). The group can count as a statutory appointment if this is pre-arranged with a young person's case holder.

Positive outcomes of the current programme have included:

  • The young people have played in numerous tournaments and have been very successful during these
  • Some young people have been signposted to other football/sport groups
  • Supporting young people to train with a team
  • Encouraging committed young people to complete the Sports Leader, OCN Accreditation through Positive Futures


Kick Smart has been benchmarked using the Youth Justice Board's 'Programme Development and Evaluation Toolkit'. This document is provided and gives detailed information about the theory behind the group as well as other factors that have been taken into consideration for the development of the programme.


 Implementing the Practice:

  • The group is facilitated by one YOT worker and is supported by two FA Coaching Qualified colleagues from Positive Futures
  • Sessions are jointly led by YOT and Positive Futures and who share overall responsibility to ensure sessions have appropriate structure and health and safety is adhered to
  • Case Managers make all referrals
  • The sessions take place at Raw Soccer, an indoor 5aside 3G pitch. The pitch has been block booked since Kick Smart began and this arrangement will continue in the future




YOT: Suffolk Youth Offending Service
Name: Scott Reynolds