STOP Parenting Support Programme

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  • To support parents to strengthen their monitoring skills
  • To support parents to modifying self-modelling behaviours
  • To support parents to improve listening and praising skills
  • To support parents to improve their understanding around peer influences
  • To encourage positive parent/young person interactions




The STOP Parenting Support Programme was originally designed for parents who had had or were at risk of having contact with the Police or the Youth Offending Team. However, since its original pilot in 2000, the programme is now also used in other settings, including schools and other community settings. The Programme is delivered to parents of children and young people with challenging behaviours as a preventative method.

The Programme attempts to raise awareness about parenting to parents and carers through participation in a series of group sessions, which are run by trained facilitators. The sessions include group discussions, feedbacks, videos, roleplay and homework, to support parents to improve and/or re-affirm their own parenting methods.




Source Organisation: The Ministry of Parenting:


Telephone:                  01206 562 626

Web:                   (for specific information on the STOP programme go to ‘Resources’).


Please see the STOP Parenting Support Programme case study by West Berkshire Youth Offending Team for more details on how an example of STOP is being implemented.