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STOP Parenting Support Programme - West Berkshire


The West Berkshire Youth Offending Team Parenting Officers run the STOP Parenting Programme. The Programme is run one per week, for 10 weeks from 6:30pm-8:30pm.

All parents and carers are included. West Berkshire have offered places to parents that have limited access to their children, as a way to support positive relationships and parenting when they are able to have contact.

The STOP parenting programme follows a structured agenda, with sessions covering topics such as raising parents’ awareness of the developmental progress of teenagers, building on their strengths subsequent to listening to the issues that raised concerns. The programme also uses roleplaying, where problem solving, setting boundaries and consequences, and building self-esteem are looked at.

West Berkshire have also built in extra sessions on Internet Safety, which including Child Sexual Exploitation, and Mindfulness sessions. Furthermore, they have also expanded the Teen Development session, with some further information on the teenage brain and recent research support. Other topics such as drug awareness, health awareness and looking after themselves were also found to be on benefit.

Where parents are identified as having further needs, extra sessions are also run, which may include follow up and booster sessions, following recommendation from research[1].

At the end of each session parents are supported to complete an evaluation form indicating their satisfaction with the support and information received on that particular week. Any issues raised were addressed either by phone the next day, or at the next meeting. Sessions are started with feedback on the parent’s week and any example sharing of how they achieved change.


Implementing the Practice:

  • All parents of young person involved in the YOT are assessed specifically in relation to the parenting skills and needs.
  • Parents are asked to complete a Parenting Self-Assessment tool (from AssetPlus).
  • If parental needs are identified the STOP programme is offered as a group or 1:1.
  • In order to support the continuation of the Programme, although YOT parents are given priority, invitations are extended to other Services.
  • Staff have to complete training in order to be able to run the programme.



YOT:   West Berkshire Youth Offending Team

Name: Orla Hendron



[1] Moran P, Ghate D and Van Der Merwe A (2004) What Works in Parenting Support? A Review of the International Evidence, Policy Research Bureau Research Report RR574 (London: Department for Education and Skills, July, 2004).