Learning from YJB Reducing Reoffending Programme

The four year YJB reducing reoffending Programme closed in March 2017 having worked with 66 voluntary Youth Offending Teams (YOTs) to support them to use the YJB reducing reoffending toolkit to analyse their local cohort and take action to reduce reoffending.

Click here to read about how to reduce reoffending by children and young people and access the YJB Reducing Reoffending toolkit.

Learning from the programme’s four year journey was captured incrementally and can be accessed in the attachments below.


Understanding and improving reoffending performance (2016)

This practice guide is in the programme’s final year is a summary of learning from the four year programme with implications for practice. The summary draws together all that we have learned working with YOTs over that period. In it you will learn:

  • how the work has developed,
  • how the cohort is changing,
  • a range of insights and examples on reducing reoffending at a local level,
  • a consideration of the impact of the work and ways it needs to be taken forwards in the future


Reducing Reoffending: Furthering our understanding (2015)

Building on what we learnt during year one, this report, published during the third year of the programme, provides an update on progress during the second and third year. It also contains summaries of learning from local and national data, practice and research.


Reoffending: developing a local understanding (2014)

Guidance for youth offending team (YOT) management boards arising from findings from the first year of the programme.