Tutor Provision - Bromley YOS

Age: 10-17
Sex: n/a
Cost: n/a




  • Support young people to access short term provision, within the YOS while full time education or training provisions are established or employment sought.



Bromley Youth Offending Service has a full time qualified teacher (tutor) who works for the Service 5 days per week. The tutor is able to provide short term solution to young people while a permanent solution is found. The tutor is able to be flexible in the approach taken by developing individualised programmes of study that is relevant to the young person’s educational status.
The tutor runs various one to one lessons with young people, who are attending the YOT on Out of Court Disposals up to Intensive Support Supervision. The lessons with the YOS tutor can either be counted as a statutory appointment, such as for young people on Intensive Support and Supervision or non-statutory or for any young person in need of additional education support.
Please see below attachment with detailed description of the role of the YOS tutor.



Implementing the Practice:

  • The YOS tutor is paid via the designated schools grant.
  • The YOS tutor was recruited through the local authority and works closely with our alternative education provision.
  • A dedicated room is identified within the Service
  • Initial investment in specific teaching tools (including interactive wipe board)
  • The YOS tutor is an integrated part of the team and therefore updates the Information System as appropriate
  • Work closely with the Fair access panel




YOT: Bromley Youth Support and Youth Offending Service
Name: Betty McDonald
Email: Betty.McDonald@Bromley.gov.uk