First Aid Programme with StreetDoctors - Sutton YOT

Summary: The information below details Sutton Youth Offending Team's First Aid Programme with StreetDoctors.
Age: 10-17
Sex: n/a
Cost: yes




  • Support children to learn first aid skills
  • Provide children with further knowledge around the impact incidents involving weapons
  • Challenge children’s perception of violence



Sutton Youth Offending Team run a First Aid Programme in partnership with StreetDoctors. The session aims to challenge children’s attitudes towards violence. The children are taught practical lifesaving skills and learn about the impact and consequence of violence on the individual such as long term disability.  Two workshops are available, what to do if you find someone bleeding and what to do if you find someone unconscious.

The training aims to improve their confidence, aspirations and feelings of self-worth, and increase their willingness to act if present at the scene of a medical emergency.
Each workshop lasts one hour and following completion children are provided with a certificate issued by Streetdoctors.

'What to do if someone is bleeding' covers how to call an ambulance and deliver immediate first aid to someone who is bleeding, before professional help arrives. Streetdoctors explain the science behind blood loss and why it is important to call for help. The session is practical, using role playing scenarios to prepare young people to use skills in an emergency.

'What to do when someone is unconscious' informs children on how to assess if someone is unconscious. How to put them in the recovery position if they are breathing, or deliver chest compressions if they are not breathing. Streetdoctors explain how the heart, blood and lungs work together and what happens if they are not working. Children practice putting someone in the recovery position and delivering CPR with dummies so that in a real life situation they are ready to act. 



 Implementing the Practice:

  • The children that are referred to the programme are those that have Orders for weapons or violent offences (although the group would still be suitable for Out of Court Disposals)
  • 2 YOT staff attend, together with staff provided by StreetDoctors
  • Group is run with 10 children
  • Costs is £50 per workshop




YOT: Sutton Youth Offending Service
Name: Keeley Wilcox

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