Weapon/Knife Early Intervention Strategy - Nottingham City YOT (2019)

Summary: This programme aims to support children to no become involved in knife/weapon related offences and to support schools to continue working with children that have knife/weapon related offences and avoid permanent exclusions.
Age: 10-17
Sex: n/a
Cost: n/a




Nottingham City YOT have created a comprehensive plan of work and partnership work with local schools, Nottinghamshire police, community cohesion and Nottingham Education Partnership to continue to support early intervention in schools to decrease likelihood of children becoming involved in weapons/knife offences.

The current approach is multilayer, in that the YOT is working with different partners and offering different support services in order to prevent children becoming involved in knife/weapons offences in the first instance:


1. Training  

In order to provide a consistent approach to challenging knife crime Fearless (Youth element of Crime Stoppers) attended Nottingham City YOT to deliver training to Nottingham City Council Play and Youth Workers. It was also attended by Youth Offending Colleagues from Nottinghamshire YOT. Furthermore, an Inspector from Nottinghamshire Police (Gurmit Kaur), Nottingham Community Cohesion manager (Steve Harrison) and the regional manager for Crime Stoppers (Lydia Patsalides) also attended. Fearless, is a resource that is built around the school curriculum, which staff at the YOT use to run group sessions with young people in schools identified by the schools themselves. Please click here to see specific session (feareless)

Nottingham City YOT, in partnership with Nottingham’s Community Cohesion team have also provide a three-day Restorative Justice Training to some of the voluntary sector stakeholders (identified via the Ending Gang and Youth Violence forum for Nottingham City’s voluntary sector), some of whom have also received training from Fearless.

Furthermore, restorative justice training has been provided by the YOT Restorative Justice Officer to local schools, local authority and private care home staff and Police Community Support Officers to support early intervention.


2. Partnership work with the Police

Nottingham City YOT are currently working with the Police to develop a resource to give to teaching staff which will give them further knowledge of the law and knife crime, and a clear outline of procedures for reporting incidents to the police (i.e. when to call 999, as well as a clear process for intelligence information sharing process). Currently Nottingham City YOT provide schools with the Preventing Youth Violence and Gang involvement a Practical Guide of schools and colleges, and specifically highlight p20 that outlines some of the legal duties.


3. Partnerships with schools

Attached is the Street Aware evaluation completed by Nottingham Trent University, which lead to the development of Nottingham City YOT current 5 tier approach to dealing with knife/weapons prevention strategy (also attached), in a school setting. The Street Aware programme developed by Anna Power from Nottingham Education Partnership is an intervention programme, which was rolled out to all primary schools in Nottingham City (more information about Street Aware is available in the evaluation).

Currently the Police Community Support Officers (PCSO), who are seconded to the Nottingham City YOT run the intervention programme in school. Please click here to view the session. This is currently also being revamped by Catherine Kirk from Nottingham Education Partnership.

In addition Nottingham City YOT atively encourage schools to refer young people found with knife/weapons to the targeted youth support team (part of the YOT) with the aim of preventing permanent exclusion. A number of school are already doing this.



Contact details:

YOT: Nottingham City Youth Offending Team
Name: Sonia Burton
Email: Sonia.Burton@nottinghamcity.gov.uk