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Summary: Infomation relating to the Sport Officer role in Peterborough Youth Offending Service.
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Peterborough Youth Offending Service have a Sports Officer, whose main role is to engage the hard to reach children and to support them to engage in positive actives, mainly sports. The post has been active since 2006, the money to pay for the post, comes from within the YOT budget.



Role of the Sports Officer
The Sports Officer at Peterborough YOS, works with any child on a Court Order, however, mainly works with children on Intensive Support and Supervision. The Sports Officer also works with children who are not in education, employment or training.

The Sports Officer, generally runs 1:1 sessions with children, which can range from anything from gym, football, boxing sessions or in the summer more outdoor activities such as fishing and bike rides. The Officer has found that this works well as the sessions can be tailored to the individual young person, and the needs of the child.

The Sport Officer also runs several group sessions:

  • Boxing circuit session, which includes a discussion and DVD session around local crimes at the local Pupil Referral Units, to engage with the children, hopefully preventing them from coming through the Youth Offending System.
  • Two football sessions per week (Wednesday evening and Friday evening), in high crime areas. The local Police are supportive of the sessions and in the last 8 years, on average over 50 children have attended the Friday sessions each week (which is open to all young people, not just those of Court Orders) this has been shown to reduce crime significantly on the evenings this is run.

The football sessions have further funding, mainly from the YOS, although also funding from other sources (when available) to support with extra coaches, equipment etc. to run the sessions.

The Sport Officer at Peterborough YOS feels that sport can be a positive influence in young people’s lives, which can help to reach-out to hard to reach children.



Implementing the Practice:

  • Case managers can refer any child on a Court Order to the Sports Officer via an internal referral
  • The Sports Officer, then meets with the child to start an assessment of their needs, goals and preference of sport
  • After each session, the ICT system is updated by the Sports Officer, with attendance etc.
  • It has been shown that the children engage better within their order when they are attending sport sessions, as they are more positive and don’t want to lose out on these sessions by not attending
  • The Sports Officer is able to work with the children for the duration of their Order
  • The Sport Officer dedicates some of his time to source appropriate funding streams to help with the running costs of the football and boxing sessions


Contact Details:

Youth Offending Team: Peterborough Youth Offending Service
Name: Wayne Stainsby