Intervention Planning Clinic (2018)

Summary: The intervention planning clinic aims to support case managers to create interventions that are appropriate and relevant to the child and are ordered appropriately.
Age: 10-17
Sex: n/a
Cost: none




The intervention planning clinic is a specific meeting designed to provide support for the case manager in regards to the interventional plan. The intervention planning clinic is attended by the case manager and their line manager (who is also a YOS Service Manager). This means that only one manager needs to attend the meeting, which they also chair. All specialist workers are also invited, such as; drugs and alcohol team, mental health team, Police, education, housing, as well as restorative justice officer are examples of the kind of specialists that attend. The meeting is booked for 20 days post Court.

The case manager is expected to have completed the ‘Pathways and Planning’ section of AssetPlus. It is recognised and supported by senior management that there are occasions where, due to circumstances the intervention may focus on one element, namely to get to know the young person in the next two months, in addition to any risk management targets or controls. At the intervention planning clinic, the case manager can discuss and present the intervention plan, the needs as well as the young person’s desistence factors. The group of representative are able to discuss potential referral to their service or add any information from their own contact with the young person to help ensure that the interventions offered best match the individual young person.  At the end of the meeting, the Service Manger sends out any agreed actions as well as record them on the information system.

For young people on Intensive Referral Orders and YRO’s the date of the intervention planning clinic is booked by business support. Young people that receive a DTO, are booked manually by their case holder once they are approaching their DTO Licence period.

Although this meeting is another layer of management, it does not replace risk or wellbeing meetings (or equivalent), but it can be used to counter sign specific areas on the AssetPlus, if applicable.



Implementing the Practice:

  • Meeting to be booked 20 days following Court Order being given or post initial panel for Referral Orders
  • In Derby YOS, the meeting is generally 3 and a half hours and each case managers gets a 30-minute slot per young person
  • The meetings are scheduled to take place once per week, therefore this does impact on management time and therefore requires commitment and forward planning



Contact Details:

Youth Offending Team: Derby Youth Offending Service
Name: Andrew Ling