Definitive Intervention System Database - Darlington Youth Offending Service

Age: 10-17
Sex: n/a
Cost: None



Aimed at:

  • Youth offending services practitioners working with young people in the community, to support them to create individual intervention packs for young people.



Intended Outcomes:

  • The implementation of a standard approach to creating bespoke intervention packs for each young person on a community order.
  • Ensures that appropriate interventions are selected and completed regardless of staff turnover/sickness/unforeseen absences the work is completed.     




The Definitive Intervention System (DIS) is a database containing all of the interventions offered by Darlington YOT.  The DIS was created so that all interventions are placed in both a physical and electronically shared space that can be accessed by all practitioners, thereby ensuring that practitioners have the tools necessary to create individual and appropriate packs of work for young people subject to court orders and out of court disposals.  

The ‘Intervention Checklist Form’ can be populated using information from the assessment, court outcome and panel contract, this is then used to assist in the creation of the young persons ‘intervention pack’ of work. Any court ordered programmes can be added to the ‘referral’ tab on the database at this point or earlier. 

An Intervention Pack is created for each young person by matching identified areas of work with interventions in the database, dates of programmes can also be added to this using the 'scheduled courses’ tab within the database. 

The database can also be used to log where reference documents (e.g. Stones Justice Manuals/AIM Manuals), tools (e.g. learning style questionnaires) and referral forms for other services can be found.   




What Makes it Work:

  • To support all practitioners to employ a standardised approach when deciding which intervention would be most appropriate to assign to a young person.  
  • There is a wide range of interventions available.
  • The system makes it easy to identify gaps in current service provision.
  • In Darlington YOS there is a nominated officer that maintains the system up to date.
  • The system supports sharing of intervention amongst practitioners to decrease replication of work. 




Implementing the Practice:

  • Although it will take one or two dedicated staff to set up the electronic systems and physical location counterparts, the aim is that the system as a whole is embedded into service delivery so that it does not become defunct, neglected and ineffective.
  • Managerial support and a willingness to confront current working practices - this will ensure that the system is adopted. The benefits will be felt by the entire service.
  • Develop in house resources or sessions and add these to the system as well as ones that are bought, received from other services or taken from the effective practice library.
  • No matter how large or small a service may be, the need for an organised electronic and physical set of interventions is paramount in ensuring that the work completed with young people is meaningful and appropriate.
  • Once the system is setup, continue to evaluate the interventions used, ask young people to state how they found the work and areas for improvement.




YOT: Darlington Youth Offending Service
Name: Michael Barr
Telephone: 01325 406407 (ext: 6407)