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Weapons Intervention Toolkit - Oxfordshire YOS (2019)

Summary: The weapons intervention toolkit is aimed children that are thought to be vulnerable to exploitation and involvement in gang activity and use of weapons.
Age: 10-17
Sex: n/a
Cost:  n/a




  • Supporting children’s understanding of gangs and the associated risks.
  • Supporting children’s understanding of the dangers of carrying a weapon.
  • Support children to explore their emotions and the risks in their behaviour.




The weapons intervention toolkit is aimed at children who have been identified as vulnerable to gang activity and exposure to weapons. It is presented as a selection of individual activities that can be completed on a 1:1 basis or as part of a group work programme.

The intervention toolkit aims to help build resilience in children by facilitating their understanding of the risks involved, while letting them explore their own understanding of their emotions, behaviour and environments. It seeks to help them identify and realise the dangers that are posed by becoming involved in activity which could lead to them carrying or using a weapon.

The intervention toolkit has been developed with the full involvement of children and using research and evidence based practice.



Implementing the Practice:

  • The intervention toolkit has two levels based on maturity of the young person, yellow for young children and green for the older ones
  • The intervention toolkit should be used as written
  • Children should complete pre-and post-questionnaires, to help staff understand the journey taken for each individual child
  • There is one key manager, at Oxfordshire YOS (as well as other managers) that are able to deliver the training and train case managers to run the intervention toolkit
  • The data that is collected from the pre- and post-questionnaires is used in performance reports.




YOT:   Oxfordshire Youth Offending Service 
Name:  Jenny Bryan

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