Deal or No Deal - Drug Intevention - Hillingdon YOS (2017)


Deal or No Deal is a 1:1 programme based on one hour a week session for six weeks that looks to tackle the issues surrounding drug dealing at street level.Each session, looks at different parts of drug dealing. Primarily it focus on; the effects of children’s actions and the impact on others.

Age: 14-18
Sex: n/a
Cost: None



Aimed at:

  • The programme is intended for children between the ages of 14 – 18, who have been convicted of possession with intent to supply (PWITS).



Intended Outcomes:

  • To reduce the likelihood of re-offending by helping children to understand the range of consequences of drug dealing in the longer term and presenting education, training and employment as a viable alternative.
  • To highlight the dangers of drug dealing in regards to the risk to the child and their family.



What Makes it Work:

  • It is a 1:1 programme specifically targeted at children that are selling drugs.
  • Programme focuses on the risk factors associated with dealing drugs for the child and relevant others.
  • Programme reinforces positive messages regarding engagement with employment, education and training with an emphasises on the negative aspects around the reality of drug dealing.



Implementing the Practice:

  • Practitioners should already have skills in delivering 1:1 sessions with children.
  • Programme should be targeted to children that are involved in drug dealing, therefore knowledge of offending history is required.
  • Sessions should be run in a quiet, safe and secure location.
  • Access to a computer in order to watch some of the clips and access online resources  




YOT: Hillingdon Youth Offending Service
Name: Daniel Welsh
Telephone: 01895 277 959