Using Trauma Informed Care to Engage Exploited Children and Their Families – Trauma Informed Pathfinder (May 2022)

Summary: The Trauma-Informed Pathfinder have shared a webinar with associated materials to show case the work and methodology in working with children who are exploited and their families in a trauma-informed way. 




The Trauma Informed Pathfinder lead by East Sussex youth offending service have delivered a webinar and associated slides that provides an overview of the work of the pathfinder. This includes:
Contextual safeguarding assessment conducted in Hastings, which created the basis for the work strands incorporated in the Pathfinder
• Exploratory research looking at assessment through trauma informed lenses
• Practice examples of contextual based, trauma informed approach to working with parents and children
• Recommendations for further development of practice
The short film, which was shared during the webinar is concerned with the collaboration against exploitation parent group.




Organisation: East Sussex Youth Justice Service
Name: Nicola Maxwell