Assessment Clinic: Induction and Assessment of Children – Sutton Youth Offending Team (2017)

Summary: Sutton youth offending team has shared their assessment clinic process, which supports induction and assessment of children. 




  • To ensure that children are seen within a few days from Court and to start the assessment process.
  • Support children to meet and become more familiar with the specialist workers to support building positive relationships.


The assessment clinic, makes part of the standard process that all new children are required to engage in if a Pre-Sentence Report is requested or if they have received a Youth Conditional Caution or a Referral Order.

However, in cases where the child is already known to the service but it is felt that there has been a significant change in circumstances, then a review assessment can be booked.

Youth Cautions and out of court cases are on occasions also referred to the assessment clinic where specific needs have been identified that may benefit from a specialist assessment.

The education worker, speech and language therapist and school nurse staff the clinic. Where appropriate, parenting worker and Referral Order coordinator may also attend.

Sutton youth offending team have shared the education and training assessment clinic process and flowchart used by the education worker. 

On average children take around 1.5 hours to complete the three assessments. In general the speech and language therapist and education worker take 15-30 minutes to complete their assessments and the nurse around 45 minutes.

However it is essential that a balance is struck in regards to how many specialists/screening assessments the child has to engage with and them becoming disengaged with the process. Children are offered breaks and water in between the assessments and where further in-depth assessment or follow up support is required, further appointments will be scheduled.

The assessment clinic allows for specialist workers to meet children and complete an assessment and consider any next steps, but it also means that the case manager can focus on interviewing and completing other screenings.



Implementing the Practice:

  • The children are booked into the clinic by the Court duty officer or if the child was sentenced out of borough, the appointment is made by the allocated case manager.
  • In Sutton youth offending team the clinic takes place on a Tuesday afternoon from 12pm-5pm.
  • Sutton youth offending team use a google spreadsheet that allows staff to book slots with relevant specialist workers.
  • Each specialist worker is co-assigned the relevant section on AssetPlus and they complete that section within a week.
  • Sutton youth offending team, found that there was a slightly better attendance rate when it was straight after court, particularly with parents, where an evening session could potentially increase parental attendance.




Youth justice service: Sutton youth offending team
Name: Angela Killalea