Restorative Justice: Understanding Restorative Approaches ASDAN Lifeskills Challenge Programme - Lincolnshire Secure Unit (2018)

Summary: Lincolnshire Secure Unit have shared their restorative justice: understanding restorative approaches ASDAN lifeskills challenge programme. 



Lincolnshire Secure Unit, have shared their restorative justice: understanding restorative approaches, which is run through the ASDAN lifeskills challenge programme. They have also shared the record of oral questioning forms, which are used as part of the evidence in order for the children to gain their certificate.

Learning Outcome 1 – To understand what 'Restorative Justice' means
Learning Outcome 2 – To understand that there are different restorative approaches to making amends
Learning Outcome 3 – To be able to take part in a restorative process and discuss it afterwards

Lincolnshire Secure Unit have also shared internal moderation checklist, which is sent as part of the process to ASDAN.




Establishment: Lincolnshire Secure Unit
Name: Lucy Creedon