Getting to Know Me: Improving Children's Confidence Intervention - Cumbria Specialist Youth Service (2018)

Summary: Cumbria Specialist Youth Service have shared their getting to know me programme which they run with children to support them to increase their confidence and improve management of day to day emotions.



Cumbria Specialist Youth Service have shared their getting to know me programme used with children. The programme aims to support the child in identifying their potential and support them to make the right choices for themselves.

The programme is designed so that children are able to gain an Entry Level 1 Award in Skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development. The programme is split into two units and is delivered over seven weeks in one hour sessions.

Unit 1: Emotional Intelligence (children will be supported to recognise factors that can influence emotions and learn about techniques to help deal with those strong emotions).

Unit 2: Improving Own Confidence (children are supported to identify the key characteristics of a confident person, understand how communication skills can contribute to improving confidence, learn about decision-making and associated emotions and feelings and be able to identify how having goals and targets could increase their confidence).

In order for children to access the accreditation Cumbria Specialist Youth Service work in partnership with the National Open College Network.




Youth justice service: Cumbria Specialist Youth Service (CYOS)
Name: Simon Day