Diversity Workbook - Darlington Youth Offending Service (2016)

Summary:  Attached is a summary of an intervention aimed at addressing discriminatory attitudes, specifically racism in children by Darlington Youth Offending Service. 



Aimed at:

  • Young people that have taken part in a racially aggravated offence or elements of racial discrimination have been identified during assessment.



Intended Outcomes:

  • To explore the diversity, discrimination and racism.
  • To increase knowledge and understanding of young people of diversity and human migration.
  • To understand the effects of discrimination.
  • To build empathy and challenge discriminatory attitudes.
  • To prevent further discriminatory behaviour and offending. 




This is a 1:1 or group work intervention aimed at addressing discriminatory attitudes, specifically racism in children, through a mixture of education and cognitive behavioural style exercises. The duration of the programme can be between 5 to 8 sessions lasting 30 minutes each.

Training is not required for the delivery of this pack; however there is a substantial guidance pack labelled ‘tutor notes’ which has to be read prior to completion and run through with a colleague to ensure that the exercises are set up correctly with an understanding of the learning points for the different exercises.

The facilitator would benefit from experience in motivational interviewing to ensure that the materials elicit meaningful information in a positive manner. 

The pack contains several exercises, it can be completed in full from start to end or different exercises can be selected depending on relevance and appropriateness. A streamlined package could include a more selective attitudes questionnaire, an explanation of migration, a traits exercise and some of the difficulties involved in moving.

Alterations to the attitudes questionnaires and case studies can be made to ensure that they meet any specific areas that needs to be explored.



What Makes it Work:

  • The pack is flexible and can be used to address the topic in a short form or as a more in depth focused piece of work.
  • The pack utilises a range of delivery methods throughout, delivery of the pack should be able to cater for differing learning styles.
  • The exercises and their effectiveness will depend on the facilitator; however the pack is well ordered in terms of building an understanding of the practice and includes opportunities to challenge attitudes and beliefs.
  • The pack exercises and set up steers away from judgemental ‘you are wrong’ rhetoric and is most effective when the young person is able to challenge their attitudes through the educational exercises.



Implementing the Practice:

  • Practitioner should utilise the pack as a recording sheet and create larger versions of some of the exercises, write down answers and comments on the page relating to the exercises done on a larger scale.
  • The facilitator needs to have been through the pack previously with the tutor notes, ensuring they know the purpose of each exercise, where to take discussions and how to challenge particular answers if needed.
  • Utilise the additional printable materials, these are larger versions of two exercises to be cut out and used. This makes the work pack more engaging. 


YOT: Darlington Youth Offending Service
Name: Michael Barr
Telephone: 01325 406407 (ext.6407)
Email: michael.barr@darlington.gov.uk